Life is a mixture of happy and sad.You could be struggling to stay on top of the demands everyone places on you and perhaps  everything about your life looks perfect on the outside,but deep down, you are so miserable.

Well,you don’t have to worry. Here are five ways you can reach for your happy self. 

1)Acknowledge your pain.

Admit your situation,explore what you are enduring and realise why you are hurting. 

2)Express your pain. 

Life isn’t perfect as we would like it to be. So sometimes, it’s OK not to be OK. Allow yourself to hurt for a while then open up. It will  reignite your strength.

Facing your truth and being accountable for your happiness is the ultimate way of having control over your life. 

3)Let go of your pain. 

Talk to someone, belong to a group, and distract yourself with something fortifying to do. Release your emotions.  

Do not quit until you have resolved it.

4)Rise above it. 

Your pain doesn’t define you. You are greater than what you go through. 

Your history isn’t your destiny.

5)Decide to be happy. 

Happiness is a choice .Take time out for  yourself, pray and reconnect with your sanctity. Choose to be happy.